Along the way....

Day 3


Starting at 6am to try to stay ahead of the crowd. During the night we had a heavy thunder storm leaving the road ahead wet underfoot.  (For those of you who are unsure, Paul is the one on the right)

We were hoping for a little cafe for breakfast but made it to just outside Redondela (three hours later), more of a brunch, bar Corisco popular with the other Pilgrims, for a welcome coffee and snack. Today was easier although still tough, 17.8km,at least we will have time to rest.

As the vegetarian on this journey I knew it would be tough culinary speaking but I'm surprised at how little there is for choice, I was hoping to lose a few  pounds through the exercise but it will certainly be helped by lack of food.

We did manage to have some local wine from Mencias, very nice with Manchester.

Tonight's scientific appraisal of Sandeman's port will be the Reserve, richer that the Tawny, but non the less,splendid, the end of a tiring but  interesting day.

Brendan WalkerComment