The Padron Collider

Day 6

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Today was a tough one, although the route was not. I think that physically one’s body needs more rest and I suspect most pilgrims feel the same. The terrain was fairly gentle today again going mainly through wooded areas, very pretty.


We arrived in Padron just after 11am  as the  rain came down.

Padron Peppers

Padron Peppers

There has been no mention of God so far on this blog, the reason for which many do the pilgrimage to Santiago.  I did I hear about a secret ongoing experiment deep under the town of Padron and financed by the Galiciain government and the Vatican. It is rumoured that they are trying to discover the God-particle, further details are hard to come by. 

I myself am skeptical and find the whole thing unlikely, however the Padron Peppers are very nice as tapas.  

I feel sometimes that we are so concerned and focused on where we need to be, we skip by all the interesting stuff on the way, we miss the present moments. The short video kind of try’s to illustrate that. 

In this homogenised , fast world that we seem to live in, walking the Camino or any “pilgrims route” gives us the chance to experience a slower pace of life and all that surrounds those moments. “Everything has its beauty , but not everyone sees it” Confucius. 

Any other business

The Church of St James of Padron, worthy of a visit, a calm place and home of the “Pedron”, the alleged mooring  post where the boat carrying the body of James the apostle was moored on the river Sar.  It is worth mentioning that the post was apparently a Roman alter stone dedicated to the god Neptune.


In conclusion tonight’s port is Sandeman’s fine Ruby port, sadly our last one of this sample. This is what  people would have tasted as port, richer than all the previous  tastings.  I prefer the previous samples however this does go very well with Manchego cheese.

PS. My Sony A7R mk11 gave up the ghost today, it's not even twelve months old, hopefully the boys and girls at Fixation will be able to sort it out 😞