Peregrinorum Vade Ad Domum

Day 4

Hostel of the Demons

Hostel of the Demons

Apparently demons have been known to disrupt the progress of Pilgrims on the road to Compostella. I say this as a witness to the rantings and screams of a fellow pilgrim throughout the night.Another sleepless night!

Setting off at 6.30am in the darkness, our journey this morning took us over wooded countryside and idyllic setting with mist hanging low in the hills. 


Travelling along the Via Romano (XIX) which wound through the lush forest and vineyards of the area, (check out this wine, €2.60) a lovely wine of the area, then arrival in Pontevedra.


We checked into the circa 1940's hotel with a view of getting a quiet night's sleep "senza  demoni", who would have accounted for beds from the 1940's; a room change and a bed from the 1970's; here's hoping for a good sleep. 

Pontevedra  is a beautiful mediaeval town (regional capital of Galicia),  very lively this afternoon as Spain were playing Russia, a draw I believe!  Highlight of the trip so far culinary speaking was the Padron Peppers - yum.

Padron Peppers

Padron Peppers

Another early start but as promised the "port trails".In the interest of balance in the photographs I posed with tonight's bottle of choice.  The years of being  a photographer have given me the edge over my brother, who was unable to capture a correctly focused picture, hence the photo of my brother tonight, Sandeman's Ruby Reserve, but not as good as the 1968 reserve.

Brendan Walker