Day 9



The body still seems to be slowly recovering from the trek from Valenća.  Perhaps it's the Spanish Tortilla and Salad that's grown a little weiry.  It still seems to amaze me that Spain is such a difficult place for a vegetarian. Or is it that the UK is so diverse in its culture and cuisine that we are spoilt for choice, can that be a bad thing?  We will come back to this as I am passionate  about food, perhaps we could do a food edition on Saturday. 


I sat for a while outside the Cathedral this morning whilst a certain brother attended a mass.

Soaking up the atmosphere and watching the local artists setting up to sell there art.

There was a couple of musicians playing classical guitar and a Hammer Dulcimer. A percussive instrument played by hitting the strings with hammer shaped spoons. The combination with the classic guitar was really great, whether its great when I play it in the car back in the UK, we will have to see. 


We visited the Galician museum today, which used to be the biggest  and most powerful Bennedictine monastery in Spain. A massive and impressive church with the most amazingly ornate alters. Behind the alter is the seating area for the choir, each one carvered with images of saints. 


The place seems to have a Tardis like quality, revealing room after room.


Climbing the stone stairs revealed another area for a choir at the top overlooking the alter. Seating for 50 or more, the vocals must have been amazing given the shape and size of the church,


it's a shame that they don't use it for appropriate musical and vocal concerts. 

The Pilgrim museum was equally impressive, lots of medieval art, 


with extensive historic artifacts, from painting to carvings all housed in a modern building on the inside with an impressive atrium giving you views of the Cathedral.  


Santiago has lots to offer, cafe culture, history, cuisine (jury's out on vegetarian), I'm hoping to expand on the cuisine tomorrow but Spain is a tough crowd.  Tonight it was home cooked food (by me) in the large refectory of the Seminario. All vegetarian, not a fritatta in sight,  football din in the background, washed down with local Galician wine.  Spain cuisine, let's see tomorrow.



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