The Wednesday Edition

Day 7

We left Padron after a welcoming breakfast at Pepes.


Calling pilgrims in off the street and cheering them on when they leave.

One of the hostels

One of the hostels


It was a bit like waiting in a queue today to walk the Camino. Suddenly a large group of Spaniards dressing in fluorescent shirts appeared as if out of nowhere.  I suspect it was to slow down the fast “Walkers”.


Going was slower, I think mainly down to pilgrim fatigue and the Spaniards doing what what Spaniards do.


My brother was clearly starting to be delirious as he said “look a piece of Roquefort cheese!”, judge for yourself.


There were many Church’s offering to stamp our pilgrim passport, stopping once for a welcome espresso before our final destination. 


In the interest of interesting we wondered if we could have suggestion about what you think this is used for, answers on a postcard please. 


The last 6km being really tough but a bit of encouragement from a wiser and younger brother we picked up the pace.


We are staying in Albergue Milladoiro hostel tonight. It is pretty plush compared to the others we have been in. 


It may however be a sleepless night as I suspect the demonic possessed pilgrim is in our room. Sadly no port to test tonight so we Are looking for an alternative, any suggestions?

Brendan Walker